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This subdomain is part of the excudo website
In here you'll find Tools (soon), Scripts & some of the papers i've written (and will write in the future) about topics that form a bridge between psychologyand the internet.

The reason i created this subdomain is to have an outlet for my creative moments and to be able to share them with my fellow nerds.
Enjoy the contents, but read the disclaimer first.

Newest script:

Category: mysql
Name: date add string
Description: Stored function which can do the same as MySQL's native DATE_ADD (and DATE_SUB), but differs in the way you invoke it: it accepts the units as a string instead of a keyword (p.e. 'DAY' instead of DAY)

Random script:

Category: javascript
Name: click and pick coordinates
Description: Simple but effective tool to extract the coordinates of an image that you want to use for making an HTML imagemap (usemap)

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