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  • php-array 2 javascript-array
    A collection of functions that will enable you to convert a serialized php-array into a javascript array
    VIEWED: 3291
  • in_array
    check whether a certain value exists in an array
    VIEWED: 1937
  • formchecker
    This script will warn users if they leave a page after they've made changes in (one of) the form(s) and give them the opportunity not to leave (so they can save the data. Very handy for web-applications!
    DOWNLOADED: 2593
    VIEWED: 12186
  • resize element
    Including this javascript file into any page will allow you to resize elements to your desired height
    VIEWED: 2265
  • calendar date picker
    Finally a calendar script that really does work, looks cool, works with forms and doesn't cost you anything!
    DOWNLOADED: 14810
    VIEWED: 40391
  • click and pick coordinates
    Simple but effective tool to extract the coordinates of an image that you want to use for making an HTML imagemap (usemap)
    DOWNLOADED: 1480
    VIEWED: 5031
  • cool corners
    Creates Rounded Corners in DIVs without having to use images or obscure HTML code
    DOWNLOADED: 1448
    VIEWED: 6143
  • get element position
    Finds the position of any element / tag anywhere on the screen
    VIEWED: 1383
  • resize page elements
    resizes elements in specific places of your website based on their tagname of stylesheet class
    VIEWED: 1377
  • super scroller
    Scroll the contents of any (block-level) element by setting custom controls. This class honours the unobtrusive-guideliness.
    VIEWED: 3338
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