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There is a new version of this script!
Please do not use / download this script unless your webserver only supports PHP4 (and not PHP5)
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Feedback on shoutcast class

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23-02-2016 @ 21:33
name: Pedro
Could anyone help me how to fixed the Connection timed out (110).
i try my shoutcast ip on this demo and work just fine but when i test the script on my pay host not work.

i like this script
07-01-2016 @ 21:11
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25-07-2010 @ 13:47
name: ed
Nevermind figured it out.

28-03-2010 @ 12:13
name: ed
Hi there this is probably a very simple question, but is there any way of changing the font formating when we call the played files?

27-03-2010 @ 10:09
name: marty
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net

In your case i always advice people to talk to the server admin / your hosting provider. It is very likely that outgoing requests on port 80 are blocked by that server and in that case (s)he is the only one that can solve the problem for you.
29-01-2010 @ 21:25
name: Dan
email: dstronamo_[at]_gmail_[dot]_com
I'm also getting the Connection Time Out (110) error, but have tried the script on multiple servers and am only getting it on one of them (unfortunately for me, the one i need it to work on).

So, my question is if anybody knows of any particular php config things that would results in the 110 error? I've tried to compare the configs of each server to find hte solution but to no avail. Any ideas are welcome.
28-01-2010 @ 06:19
name: marty
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
I just updated the shoutcast class to version 2.5 which has better support for icecast servers. The current song will now be available too. Unfortunately Playlist Histories are not available for icecast servers simply because icecast servers don't provide this information through a web-accessible interface.
27-01-2010 @ 08:07
name: Henk
email: henk_[dot]_wieland_[at]_gmail_[dot]_com
I have simple question can your script be adapted for use with icecast?
I think it has a problem with the URL There is a mountpoint in icecast.
Or should it work out of the box? The only array that is filled at the moment is content type. This gives me back
audio/x-mpegurl. All the other array values stay n/a.

Regards, Henk
20-12-2009 @ 12:59
name: John-E
email: je_[at]_johnericbooth_[dot]_com
HELP! I am placing the info in an iframe... I only need the last songs played to be visible. NO timestamp is desired to be visible... not even "last songs heard", "song" text... none of that. ONLY the song/artist title info in a table 225 pixels wide with tahoma font. I have tried different variations on the script and nothing works! I REALLY appreciate some help! Thanks for a great script!
07-06-2009 @ 16:45
name: Marty
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
@Idiolatry : Same applies for the things you're experiencing. If a station is working on my example-and-try-out-page, but not on your server, then it must be a server problem in which case you need to contact the administrator.

@ Jonathan : The easiest way (though not the most elegant one) would be with a meta refresh tag:
12-04-2009 @ 15:30
name: Jonathan
email: jisunza_[at]_gmail_[dot]_com
Thanks for the help on this one.
One question though. How can i add a refresh rate to the code. Meaning that after about 4 minutes refresh the call out for the current song and history.
05-04-2009 @ 07:25
name: Idiolatry
email: idiolatry_[at]_mt2009_[dot]_com
This script is fantastic...If only I could get it working on my page lol...

I've tried the in the copy paste area...I tried the in the "Try it yourself" area...And I tried my stream's ip:port....

For the 81.x.x.x I got connection refused ( On your page I get the same error )...For the basu I got no route to host ( On your page works fine )...And for mine I got timeout lol ( On your page works fine )...So it leads me to think I'm doing something wrong...

The only thing of the code I've edited was

$ip = "x.x.x.x";
$port = "xxxx";

To reflect the IP and port of course...Am I missing something ? My understanding from reading through the feedback page is connection *Refused* is a server problem and I'd need to contact them...What do I do about timeout and no route to host ?

Thanks for any/all help...I'd really love to get this one working but I'm very new to PHP...
07-02-2009 @ 22:59
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
If you're sure you set up the script correctly, then it is probably a problem with your server. In that case you should contact your hosting provider and ask them if you're allowed to do this outgoing request
21-11-2008 @ 10:58
name: HitzRNB
email: wisoftindo_[at]_gmail_[dot]_com
i've use this script, but found error message Connection timed out (110)..????

when i use my ip port 8000 in your example page i try myself , successful error ? why ?
16-11-2008 @ 10:40
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
Sorry for the late reply.
I would use as a source for that.
Just extract the name of the artist, query musicbrainz with it and then extract the homepage from the information it gives back
30-10-2008 @ 22:04
name: Pete
email: wunnetwork_[at]_live_[dot]_co_[dot]_uk
I have a question which I hope you can help me with. I have set up a collaborative radio site where people join up and send me tracks to put on my stream. I have a "Recently Played" function on my site but I can't customize it. What I really want is for the recently played function to match up the artist with a link to their page on my site so when a track comes up, people can link to their page to give feedback.

Would be a great feature but I personally wouldn't know how to do it. I have discussed it with people and a suggestion is that the script could pick up URL info from the ID3 tag on the MP3 file?

Does this sound feasible?
15-09-2008 @ 17:01
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
Danny, i added a copy & paste script at the bottom of the example page. I hope that is more or less what you meant?
23-08-2008 @ 19:13
name: Danny
email: webmaster_[at]_jou-site_[dot]_nl
maby .. is it posible . to bring a other file by the download by the class .. Whith all the lines . Now we most make a file and some people have manny troubels to make the file it self. maby its posible .. The onley thing you than must du is enter your ip and poort..

I hope That it this work ..

21-08-2008 @ 13:36
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
@randy: that probably happens because you do something similar to this in your code:


but in your code, the $display_array variable is not an array (but a string, for example). Make sure it's a valid array (see example page)
18-08-2008 @ 15:03
name: Randy
email: cooolbreeeze_[at]_eastlink_[dot]_ca
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\server\htdocs\Stats\shoutcast_class.php on line 171
11-08-2008 @ 14:50
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net

You probably forgot to include the shoutcast script.
Your own script should like something like this:

include "shoutcast_class.php";
$radio = new Radio("_some_ip_:_some_port_");
// ect

The first line (that starts with include) is essential for loading the code of the script. the part between the quotes is the name under which you saved my script.

Hope that helps
19-04-2008 @ 22:51
name: Stu
email: stuart_[at]_rsxone_[dot]_com
Hi there - this is exactly what i am looking for!

My problem is this....

"Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: radio in /home/f19rsxo/public_html/nowplaying.php on line 11"

I noticed someone else has posted the same problem but I couldn't see an answer.

Any help appreciated :)
01-04-2008 @ 02:05
name: truesm00th
Great script! I've modified it to work as a PHP-Nuke module, and still runs as smooth as I could hope for. Neat, clean coding, with no problems. Thank you very much!
10-03-2008 @ 12:52
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
If you have problems with the connection on your own server, first try if it works from the example page here on this site. If it doesn't work, then the server hosting the radiostation is 'probably' experiencing problems; to be sure, try to open it in winamp too - that's the ultimate test. If it does work from the example page however, then that means there is an issue with your own server. Probably the server administrator has blocked something in the firewall. In any case, you will need to contact this person for support, because he is the only one who can help you.

So, if the script works on the example page, but not on your own server: contact the server administrator
20-02-2008 @ 20:57
name: Nick
email: thenotch66_[at]_yahoo_[dot]_com
I just read through all this and Saw a person asking about a connection timed out. That is what I am getting as well... Any thoughts on what to do?
My URL is
14-02-2008 @ 16:15
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
@Danny. I also wrote this in an email to you, but i'm not sure if you got it. Anyways, the reply might be usefull for other people too, so here it is (once more)


It seems that the server is still down, because i still get a timeout.
If, however, you get a connection refused when you run the script from
your server, and it works via the example page on my server, it means the
firewall of your server is probably blocking the request. In that case you
need to contact the people in charge of maintaining the server (your hosting provider)
05-02-2008 @ 20:43
name: Danny
email: Danny_[at]_jou-site_[dot]_nl

The server whas down But the script don,t whant to work. I have made the Chages in your example and it works . But when I do the same thing in my server . Its still conetion refeusd. example page .
19-01-2008 @ 11:23
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
@Herr Moniker: are you sure you included the < ?php tag at the beginning of the script?
If you want you can mail me the script and i'll have a look at it for you.

@Danny: If i try it with the url from your snippet ( it doesn't work either. Not even in winamp. So it seems that server really is down. Try it with the server from the example page
19-01-2008 @ 00:37
name: Danny
email: danny_[at]_jou-site_[dot]_nl
Nice script . verry nice I whant to edit in to mij site . I have upload te class file and make the file But not working .

The IE browser says conetion time out .
Firefox says conetion refusd .

I hoop jou can help me ?


# $display_array = array("Stream Title", "Stream Genre", "Stream URL", "Current Song");
$display_array = array("Stream Title", "Stream Genre", "Stream URL", "Current Song", "Server Status", "Stream Status", "Listener Peak", "Average Listen Time", "Stream Title", "Content Type", "Stream Genre", "Stream URL", "Current Song");

$radio = new Radio("");

$data_array = $radio->getServerInfo($display_array);


15-01-2008 @ 21:31
name: Herr Moniker
email: none_[at]_nowhere_[dot]_com
homepage: n/a
Just tried the script - it seems to be exactly what I was looking for, unfortunately only thing it displays is:

getHistoryTable("/played.html", "Played At", "Song", "songOverview"); ?>

Server running PHP5 and I have no problem with any php scripts.

I just added following lines to display the history to the html:

$display_array = array("Stream Title", "Stream Genre", "Stream URL", "Current Song");
$radio = new Radio("");
$data_array = $radio->getServerInfo($display_array);
$radio->getHistoryTable("/played.html", "<b>Played&nbsp;At</b>", "<b>Song</b>", "songOverview");
11-01-2008 @ 01:04
name: Jimmy
email: finlessfish0_[at]_googlemail_[dot]_com
This script is awesome - I spent a week just finding scripts which only did half of what yours does, and were nowhere near as neat. This is exactly what were looking for and is so easy to customise. Thanks!
25-12-2007 @ 14:02
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
There seemed to be an error on the download page that caused the script to be downloaded without the php tags. I've fixed this, so hopefully it solved some of your 'bugs' :-)
04-12-2007 @ 07:05
name: Javier
email: dalispp_[at]_yahoo_[dot]_com_[dot]_mx

I've tried everything and I still get the following error:

Fatal error: Class 'Radio' not found in /home/admin/domains/ on line 7

At first I thought it was because I used php4 but now I've tested it on php5 and I get the same error. The files shoutcast_class.php and test.php are in the same folder, and I have the following in the test file:

// this is the source-file with the class you can download here
include "shoutcast_class.php";

$display_array = array("Stream Title", "Stream Genre", "Stream URL", "Current Song");

$radio = new Radio("", 8048);

$data_array = $radio->getServerInfo("/", $display_array);

echo "<pre>\n";
echo "</pre>\n";

Could you please help me? Thanks
23-10-2007 @ 17:40
name: Tim
email: timkuipers1990_[at]_hotmail_[dot]_com
21-10-2007 @ 21:18
name: webmaster
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
Hi all

I'm very sorry i took me so long to reply to some of you.

First of all, please not that as of today, i released a new version that's more flexible (it can also handle icecast servers now) and requires a slightly different way of calling.

Now let me reply to your question:

> 1- Replace the "/" between artist and song title in each line within the class?
> 2- Remove the seconds in the time on each line?

For both questions, you'd have to look up these two lines:

$this->tracks[$c]['time'] = $time;
$this->tracks[$c++]['track'] = trim(strip_tags($info[1]));

try to replace them for

$this->tracks[$c]['time'] = substring($time, 0, 5);
$this->tracks[$c++]['track'] = trim(str_replace(" - ", " / ", strip_tags($info[1])));

I didn't try it out, so i hope i got it right :-)

You have email ;-)

Try the new version. It's easier to get it work (at least, i think so). If it still doesn't work, drop me a line
30-09-2007 @ 22:48
name: David
email: dagilli_[at]_comcast_[dot]_net
When executing your form I have no problem. BUT when I run the script from my site i get this problem.
Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to in /hsphere/local/home/dagilli/ on line 42

I have searched high and low for this exact problem and then I stumbled on your site. WHY DOES IT WORK FROM YOUR SERVER AND NOT MINE?!
28-09-2007 @ 09:01
name: Bone
email: kcsignsuys_[at]_yahoo_[dot]_com
Hey I love this script!!!

but one thing I can not get it to work on my site.


I can get it to work in the example but dont know if I need to edit anything in the shoutcast_class.php.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, this is what I get when I add it to my site.

getServerInfo("/", $display_array); echo "

echo "
\n"; ?>

My station info is
ip: port: 8000

Any help will be aperciated, it seems so simple but yet so hard. I am frustrated.......ARGGGG.....

It seems like it is a siple cut copy and past script but its not working out that way..

Thanks in advance Bone.

03-09-2007 @ 18:54
name: tom
email: webmaster_[at]_wbjb_[dot]_org
Thanks so much for this script. Is there a way I can do 2 things?
1- Replace the "/" between artist and song title in each line within the class?
2- Remove the seconds in the time on each line?
06-08-2007 @ 18:39
name: Hector
email: aisudoragonsama_[at]_comcast_[dot]_net
I found out it was my server having trouble communicating using the port my radio was on *nods*

that may be the other guys problem as well ^__^;

09-05-2007 @ 01:00
name: Marty
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
What the url to your radio-station?
08-05-2007 @ 15:51
name: Hector
email: aisudoragonsama_[at]_comcast_[dot]_net
I am having the exact same problem, and I just tried the code that was posted with my own information and it wouldn't work :[
04-05-2007 @ 00:17
name: Marty
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
You can pretty much copy and paste the example from the example page. Just make sure you download and include the class.
In total it will look something like this:

// this is the source-file with the class you can download here
include "shoutcast_class.php";

$display_array = array("Stream Title", "Stream Genre", "Stream URL", "Current Song");

$radio = new Radio("", 8048);

$data_array = $radio->getServerInfo("/", $display_array);

echo "<pre>\n";
echo "</pre>\n";
26-02-2007 @ 08:40
name: DJ Elvis
email: djelvis_[at]_radionuclear_[dot]_com
When I install this script it keeps saying connection refused? Is this because my shoutcast server is too far away from my website domain? I don't really know much about PHP, could you post an PHP example of the non-class file that I could edit

my stream is port 8048
23-02-2007 @ 22:22
name: Grufy
I thank you !
this Example is very good


15-01-2007 @ 14:52
name: marty
email: marty_[at]_excudo_[dot]_net
"Is there a way to make this script read the next track to be played as well as the recent history it currently provides? "

I'm afraid not. This script extracts the data that is provided by the server-software. And this software doesn't provide such a feature.

"Which php I have to change??"

Just try to copy and paste the code from the example. That should work and when it does, alter it any way you like it.

"Is it possible to change english in some other language??"

Not really. As i mentioned before my script only extracts data that is provided by the server-software. As it is not possible to configure this to display other languages, that's more or less where it ends.
Of course it would be possible however to alter my script to replace certain sentences with german ones.

Do you only get a connection refused for your own station or any other station you try too? In the last case you've probably set up the script incorrectly. You can mail me the code if you like and i'll have a look
10-12-2006 @ 19:15
name: berth
email: pietzer_[at]_planet_[dot]_nl
Hello, great site!

When I fill in my data (ip and port) in the example section, i can see all the info of my radio station, however, when i upload your script to my host i get the message:

Connection refused (111)

what am i doing wrong? It should be possible since I can see my data on your site!

Thanks in advance...
02-11-2006 @ 21:50
name: Sasa
email: s_[dot]_miljkovic_[at]_arcor_[dot]_de

I read your shoutcast class-explanation but I don't know in which way I can add this function to my portal?!

I want to put the information about the shoutcast-stream below the portal's picture.

Which php I have to change?? Is it possible to change english in some other language??

"Stream is up at 160 kbps with 100 of 100 listeners" <= this for example to change into german?!

I hope I'll get an answer soon.

Thank you very much in advance,
My best regards.
13-10-2006 @ 10:15
name: SoundDoctor
email: res1byf6_[at]_verizon_[dot]_net
Is there a way to make this script read the next track to be played as well as the recent history it currently provides?
26-09-2006 @ 17:42
Type the shown code:
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